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What is your role as a PopATot Tester?


The PopATot is a new product for 6-18 month old babies; your candid participation as a PopATot Tester will help us learn more about the PopATot in life settings as you experience them. Your input is only useful if it's honest and thoughtful. We want you to tell us how the PopATot works best for you; and how you think we could improve it. Our goal is to provide the best product experience possible for our customers and your feedback will make that possible.

This is how it works.
- The testing period is 30-days from receipt of the PopATot.
- Your product, a $59.99 value, is Free if you fulfill all the testing requirements.
- The shipping, an $18.99 value, is also Free if you fulfill all the testing requirements.
- You will be billed for the PopATot and shipping, if you do not fulfill the requirements as agreed.
- The 30-day testing period requirements are:
     1. Document your use of the PopATot weekly. (In journal form w/date, times, situations).
     2. Photograph and Video your use (not staged).
     3. E-mail your reports and pictures weekly to
- Upon successful completion of your test, the PopATot is yours to keep.
- If you are interested, further marketing opportunities may be available with PopATot. You should indicate any interest during the test period and a company representative will contact you privately.
- Your identity and privacy will be kept confidential.
- Kiddy Creations Corp. reserves the right to use all test results, pictures, video and testimonies in PopATot marketing campaigns and on the website.


Complete the following application/survey to be considered to be a PopATot Tester. A representative from Kiddy Creations Corp will contact you to let you know whether of not you have been accepted. The more detail, the better. Kiddy Creations Corp reserves the right to reject any application.

If accepted, vaild credit card information will be requested to keep on file through the review period. If all the requirements are not met, your credit card will be charged $59.99 for the PopATot plus shipping (not to exceed $19).
1. Personal Infomation
Full Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
2. You are a: \n" \n" \n" \n" \n"
 Mom" Dad" Grandparent"
 Sitter/Nanny" Other" 
If other
Baby's Age
Number of sibilings and ages
3. What is your occupation?
4. Describe your weekly activity.
5. How did you hear about \n" \n" \n" \n" \n" \n"
 Friend" Family" Google"
 Yahoo" Local Media" Other"
If Other
6. Rate these subjects in your life.
Kids Sports
College/Pro Sports
Video Games
Public TV
Public Radio
Family vacations
Personal vacation
Charitable work
7. What are you favorite medias?
Home Page
Baby Stuff
Health News
Social Sites
Info/News Websites
Shopping Sites
Radio Formats
TV Programs
8. Describe your internet use. Hours per day? Time of day? Days of week? Where used most (home, work, library, other)? Active forums (be specific)? Provider (DSL, Cable, Dial-up, other.)?
9. What make, model, and year of vehicle do you drive?
10. What is your first impression of the PopATot?
11. Based on what you know now, are you inclined to buy the PopATot? \n" \n"
 Yes" No"
If you were to buy a PopATot, for whom would you purchase it? \n" \n" \n"
 Self" Gift" n/a"
12. Describe why you would be an excellent Tot Tester.
To help us avoid computer generated inquiries and spam, please enter the letters and numbers exactly as you see them in the box below.

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